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Shereen El Kabbani

Senior Researcher of Islamic Civilization, Calligraphy Center at Library of Alexandria

Areas of expertise

  • - Mamluk History
  • - Islamic Civilization Studies

Major works

  • MSc. thesis: "The Egyptian Mahmal in Mamluks Period and Modern Times ( 684– 1372A.H / 1250 - 1952 A.D) Historical Cultural Touristic Study"
  • PhD. thesis: "Horses and Knighthood in Islamic Egypt from the beginning of the Mamluks Era Till the Evacuation of the French Expedition (648 - 1216A.H / 1250– 1801A.D) Historical Cultural Touristic Study"

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About Me

Shereen El Kabbani is a Senior Researcher of Islamic Civilization in the Calligraphy Center at the Library of Alexandria. She received her BSc in Tour Guidance from the University of Alexandria. She also received her MSc. and PhD. In Islamic History and Civilization from the University of Alexandria.

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