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Sonya Twohig

Head of Operations at ENTSO-E

About Me

Sonya leads System Operations in ENTSO-E including implementation programs through which the European TSOs establish common rules and policies, develop operational tools such as the Common Grid Model and improve regional operational coordination, in co-operation with European Commission, European regulator, distribution system operators and stakeholders. Most recent publication is Options for the Future of System Operation Regional Coordination in which the evolution of the regional security coordinator model is assessed. Previously Sonya held senior positions in the TSO in Ireland and Northern Ireland from 2002-2016 leading large teams across two TSOs from Market Operations, System Operations and System Development. Sonya has led significant change across the principle business areas key among them is the implementation of the 3rd Directive which established a new market design on the island of Ireland and have led innovation in the integration of high levels of RE on the power system. In recent years, Sonya delivered new initiatives aimed at increasing public acceptance of transmission infrastructure and understands the benefits and challenges of system development and the wider industry.

Courses and Programs taught by Sonya Twohig