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Sten McKinzie

Lecturer, Interactive Games and Media at Rochester Institute of Technology

About Me

Sten McKinzie is a lecturer in the Interactive Games and Media department at Rochester Institute of Technology. Sten started out his career working as a CG designer and animator. In 1994, he took a position at Chicago’s second largest video production studio, Orbs Broadcast Group (OBG) as a 3D animator. In 1996, he was asked to build and manage a OBG’s new animation department. Over the next seven years, he grew the animation department into a full-service interactive media division, including web design, CD-ROM and DVD development, video and audio streaming, as well as graphics and animation for computer applications, video and print. In 2003, he opened Erickson Multimedia Studios (EM Studios). For more information, please contact

Courses and Programs taught by Sten McKinzie

5 courses