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Toru Terada

Lecturer, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at The University of Tokyo

Areas of expertise

  • Landscape Planning
  • Urban Planning

Major works

  • Terada, T., Yokohari, M., and Amemiya, M. (2017): Urban Farming in Tokyo: Towards an Urban-Rural Hybrid City. In: Lewis, T. Chandola T. (Eds). Green Asia: Ecocultures, Sustainable Lifestyles and Ethical Consumption, Routledge, New York. pp. 155-168.
  • Terada, T.(2017): Urban periphery landscape: Dichotomization of urban and rural dimensions. In: Shimizu, H. Takatori, C. Kawaguchi, N. (Eds). Labor Forces and Landscape Management – Japanese Case Studies. Springer, Tokyo. pp. 73-82.
  • Terada, T., Yokohari, M., Bolthouse, J., and Tanaka, N. (2010): ""Refueling"" satoyama woodland restoration in Japan: Enhancing restoration practice and experiences through wood fuel utilization. Nature and Culture 5(3), 251-276.

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About Me

Toru Terada is lecturer of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo. He received his Ph.D. in Environmental Studies in 2011 from the University of Tokyo.

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