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Tracy Burrows

Associate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics at University of Newcastle

Areas of expertise

  • - Dietary assessment using biomarkers
  • - Childhood obesity
  • - Nutrition translation in community and clinical settings
  • - Food addiction

Major works

Child obesity programs including HIKCUPS and Back to Basics, which are community based family based programs to achieve healthy lifestyle Developing foundation work on food addiction

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About Me

Tracy is an Associate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Newcastle in Australia. She is highly passionate about all things food, food behaviours, and communicating high quality, evidence-based information about diet and nutrition.

Tracy has published over 80 research papers and is involved in all aspects of teaching; from undergraduate through to postgraduate, where she supervises a variety of students.

Tracy has a focus on dietary assessment methods where she employs novel biomarkers as objective measures of diet, child obesity and translation community to clinical services and food addiction, which is a rapidly emerging area of research.

Courses and Programs taught by Tracy Burrows