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Associate Professor, School of Marxism, Tsinghua University at Tsinghua University

About Me

Zhang Yu, Bachelor of Engineering, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, Doctoral Supervisor of Tsinghua University. Visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the person in charge of the National Excellent Online Open Course "Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Fundamentals of Law", the Tsinghua University Student Learning and Development Guidance Center Consultant, the National University Student Ideological and Political Education Research Center, and the Ministry of Education's "Ideological and Political Education Young Talents Program”. He’s mainly engaged in the teaching and research of college students' ideological and political education, network ideological and political education, network culture construction and management, network society and political communication. He has published 5 books and published more than 60 academic papers.

Courses and Programs taught by Yu ZHANG