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Learn the fundamentals of computer science

Professional Certificate in
Introduction to Python Programming

What you will learn

  • The fundamental design cycle of computer science and computer programming: writing code, executing it, interpreting the results, and revising the code syntax based on the outcomes.
  • Usage of the fundamental atoms of programming: variables, mathematical operators, logical operators, and boolean arithmetic.
  • Control structures for developing dynamic programs, including Python libraries: conditionals, loops, functions, and error handling.
  • The core data structures for creating useful programs: strings, lists, dictionaries, and file manipulation.
  • Previews of the next big topics in computer science: object-oriented programming skills, and computer algorithms.

“Introduction to Computing in Python” is a series of courses built from Georgia Tech’s online for-credit version of CS1301: Introduction to Computing. The series is designed to take you from no computer science background whatsoever to proficiency in the basics of computing and programming, specifically in the popular programming language Python. Rated as one of the most in-demand and beginner-friendly programming languages, Python training will give you a solid foundation not only for Python code but for further studies in computer science.

The syllabus and course material has been used at Georgia Tech for its for-credit CS1301 class for over a year. Over 400 students on campus have completed this version of the course, and our analysis shows that they exit the course with the same learning outcomes as students taking the traditional on-campus version. This Professional Certificate uses the same instructional material and assessments as learning Python on campus, giving you a Georgia Tech-caliber introduction into the field of computing at your own pace.

This Professional Certification course follows a unique design. Students will cover the general, fundamental principles of computer science—which are applicable to any programming language like javascript or R — and then rapidly transition to those same programming concepts in Python. Short videos (2-3 minutes each) are rapidly interleaved with live programming problems, real-world examples, and multiple-choice questions to give you constant feedback on your progress and understanding.

Expert instruction
4 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
5 months
9 - 10 hours per week
Discounted price: $536.40
Pre-discounted price: $596USD
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Courses in this program

  1. GTx's Introduction to Python Programming Professional Certificate

  2. 9–10 hours per week, for 5 weeks

    Learn the fundamentals of computing in Python, including variables, operators, and writing and debugging your own programs.

  3. 9–10 hours per week, for 5 weeks

    Learn about control structures, one of the most powerful parts of programming. This course covers conditionals, loops, functions, and error handling, specifically in Python but with broader applicability to other languages as well.

  4. 9–10 hours per week, for 5 weeks

    Learn more complex ways of handling data, including files, lists, and dictionaries for building complex programs.

  5. 9–10 hours per week, for 5 weeks

    Learn about recursion, search and sort algorithms, and object-oriented programming in Python.

    • The Python programming language is currently the most popular language for Data Scientists worldwide. (Source: IEEE)
    • Job opportunities include Software Engineer, Python Developer, Research Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Software Developer.
    • The average Python developer salary in the US is $116,379 (Source: Gooroo) with entry-level Python programmers starting at $80,499 (Source: Ziprecruiter).

Meet your instructor
from The Georgia Institute of Technology (GTx)

David Joyner
Executive Director of Online Education & OMSCS | Principal Research Associate | Zvi Galil PEACE Chair
Georgia Institute of Techology

Experts from GTx committed to teaching online learning

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David Joyner's Introduction to Computing in Python certificate program shows how an online class can deliver a truly superior instructional experience. With hundreds of authentic practice problems, immediate evaluation, and constant feedback, it is one of the best possible ways for new students to start to learn computer science and Python programming.

Sanjay Srivastava , CEO, Vocareum

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Discounted price: $536.40
Pre-discounted price: $596USD
4 courses in 5 months
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