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Build a foundation in conversational and written English

Professional Certificate in
English Communication Skills

What you will learn

  • How to introduce oneself, one’s job, one’s preferences (hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc.)
  • How to indicate one’s opinion about family, friendship, hometown, or jobs.
  • How to continue a conversation with someone new from other countries.
  • How to read and write appropriately in both your daily life and academic situations.

Do you want to learn English, including English listening, speaking, reading and writing, in both your daily life as well as in academic situations? Do you want to communicate with English native speakers fluently? Do you want to read and write better in English?

Welcome to our “English Communication Skills” program.

This program is specially designed for English as a Second Language Learners (elementary, intermediate, and advanced). No prior knowledge is required for these courses. These English courses, Conversational English skills, Just Reading and Writing in English, and General Academic English, will not only help you have a good knowledge of conversational English skills in your daily life, but also improve your reading and writing ability required for educational or vocational purposes. We invite you to learn with our instructors and friends from different countries in the videos, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Columbia. Are you ready? Let’s go!

The following interesting topics will be covered in each course:

1.Course 1 focuses on the topics of meeting new people, the people in your life, eating in and eating out, the reason to learn English, good times and bad times, hobbies, feelings, and staying healthy. It will prepare you to be able to communicate better in English in a wide range of daily situations and become more fluent and confident in using the language from basic words and expressions.

2. Course 2 centered on the topics of learning, university, cultural differences, cities, education, manners, personal communication, and purpose of living. It will prepare you to have a good knowledge of primary and intermediate English reading and writing skills for different situations in your daily life from practical reading and writing examples.

3. Course 3 concentrated on the topics of cultural studies, life science, art, man and nature, social issues, engineering and technology, psychology, economics and management. It will prepare you to be familiar with general academic English learning skills for your academic career, covering all aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The detailed explanations for texts and academic English skills with vivid examples will provide you with a great atmosphere to improve your academic English learning in an efficient way.

Expert instruction
3 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
8 months
2 - 4 hours per week
Discounted price: $591.30
Pre-discounted price: $657USD
For the full program experience

Courses in this program

  1. TsinghuaX's English Communication Skills Professional Certificate

  2. 2–4 hours per week, for 10 weeks

    Learn how to effectively communicate in English and improve your conversational language skills. 你想与native speaker无障碍交流吗?让中外老师和50多位美国、英国、爱尔兰、加拿大、澳大利亚、哥伦比亚的朋友,带你领略一次不一样的英语学习之旅吧。

  3. 2–4 hours per week, for 15 weeks

    Learn how to read and write in English in the context of lectures and academic texts. 以读促写,以写辅读!掌握正确的阅读技巧和写作技巧,让你实现一次英语读写的飞跃!

  4. 3–4 hours per week, for 8 weeks

    Do you want to join in academic communication on international conferences and read academic papers? Join us on a journey in academic English!

    • The ability to communicate effectively in English in both oral and written ways is of vital importance no matter what industry you are working in or looking forward to.
    • Learners will be familiar with a variety of interesting topics in each course, which would offer more insights for their daily communication within a community in the future.
    • The conversational English skills as well as the reading and writing ones from the program will be essential for the development of their social skills in different working situations.
    • All these activities involved in the courses are carefully designed to help the learners in international communication and further in their future career.

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