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Learn to design, execute and optimize animal breeding

Professional Certificate in
Animal Breeding and Genetics

What you will learn

  • Describe the steps that need to be taken when setting up a breeding program.
  • Describe how selection and genomic tools can be used to alleviate the effect of monogenic recessive diseases.
  • Calculate family relationships and inbreeding coefficients in pedigrees and predict the rate of inbreeding for simple situations.
  • Explain how family relationships between individuals can be used to estimate breeding values and describe the consequences of different selection and mating strategies for the response to selection.
  • Describe how running breeding programs can be evaluated in terms of response to selection and genetic diversity.
  • Describe how dissemination of improved animal populations to end-users takes place, and why this differs among animal species.
  • Gain the tools and insights to improve production and work towards a healthy population.
Expert instruction
2 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
3 months
4 - 6 hours per week
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Courses in this program

  1. WageningenX's Animal Breeding and Genetics Professional Certificate

Meet your instructors
from Wageningen University & Research (WageningenX)

Bart Ducro
Hans Komen
Han Mulder
Piter Bijma
John Bastiaansen
Mario Calus

Experts from WageningenX committed to teaching online learning

Program endorsements

The mission of Hendrix Genetics is to help the world meet a growing demand for food by supporting the animal protein value chain with innovative and sustainable genetic solutions. Research and development leading to improved animal performance is central for realizing this our mission. Animal breeding is a knowledge intensive activity which requires qualified people. We are, therefore, very pleased that Wageningen University developed an on-line learning course. The Professional Certificate Programme Animal Breeding and Genetics helps to train the people that can play an active role in the further development of livestock and aquaculture genetic improvement programmes.

Johan van Arendonk , Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Hendrix Genetics

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Discounted price: $340.20
Pre-discounted price: $378USD
2 courses in 3 months
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