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Be the Startup Hero: Draper University Business Plan Competition

Learn to build and grow your business from the best entrepreneurs and operators in the world. Meet investors as they walk you through fundraising and diligence. Submit your pitch and business plan to win a slot at Draper University’s accelerator in Silicon Valley.

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Starts Jan 20
Ends Mar 15
Estimated 2 weeks
8–12 hours per week
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About this course

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Draper University is on a mission to inspire people and accelerate ideas by igniting the entrepreneurial spirit globally.

Founded by venture capitalist Tim Draper, the university brings founders, operators and venture capital all under one umbrella.

The course encompasses a wide range of timely, relevant topics that entrepreneurs must master to build and scale their companies. From new business, small business and business development opportunities for future growth. The beginning of a founder’s journey can often be the most difficult part of any business startup, as you may have no capital, partners, product, or way to easily describe your business.

In this course, you will begin by defining and honing your vision of the world you have set out to build. From the early stages of your startup, the elevator pitch, idea generation, understanding your intellectual property, to what makes a successful startup. Later you will learn the fundamentals of fundraising, running a process to close a round, negotiate term sheets and everything else you might have questions about on this journey. Lastly, since no one builds a company alone, you’ll be trained on how to hire and build a team that believes in your mission.

In addition through our startup course you will be guided through developing a business idea, business administration practices, product development, pricing, social media, marketing, case studies and curating the entrepreneurial mindset with the ultimate goal of developing real-world innovation for a successful business.

Unlike traditional courses, this program is designed to help you think through every aspect of a new venture, business plan and pitch it to actual investors to create successful entrepreneurs.

At the end of the course, Draper University will select the top companies and offer scholarships for them to participate in its on-site accelerator in Silicon Valley.

Anyone can enroll in this program. It is designed for learners that want to acquire sophisticated and rigorous training in entrepreneurship without leaving their day job but without compromising quality. There is no application process but basic interest in starting or working at a startup is highly recommended if you want to excel. All the lectures are taught by other founders, investors and operators, who are at the peak of their career and the level of rigor is the same as an on-campus course. This program brings Draper University’s unique, high-quality curriculum and hands-on learning approach to learners around the world.

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What you'll learn

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  • Hero Mindset - Ideas that Change the World

  • Design and Prototype Thinking – solving problems with first principle thinking

  • Product Market Fit – Customer acquisition and marketing fundamentals

  • Startup Finance 101 – Everything you need to know about projections and business models

  • Fundraising – Process, outreach, pitching and negotiating with investors

  • Leadership – Building winning teams

  • Pitching to investors - Submit a business plan and pitch for potential investment

● MODULE 0: About Draper University

● MODULE 1: The Superhero Oath

● MODULE 2: Future and Vision

● MODULE 3: Ideas that Change the World

● MODULE 4: Prototype Thinking

● MODULE 5: Business Modeling

● MODULE 6: Product-Market Fit

● MODULE 7: Startup Finance 101

● MODULE 8: Fundraising

● MODULE 9: Startup Legal 101

● MODULE 10: Leadership

● MODULE 11: Team Building

● MODULE 12: Go be a HERO

Learner testimonials

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“The connections, relationships, advice, and support you get is unmatched by any other experience you’ll ever get. Being in an institution that is SO open minded, and a little bizarre, is enough to get you thinking differently, grow and harden your heart as an entrepreneur, and get you prepared for literally anything and everything that will come your way. The Draper team really does know startups and what it takes to be a success.” Sharon Winter

“Draper University changed my life – from an aspiring, wide-eyed thinker to an active, get-stuff-done entrepreneur. This school is not your normal by the books, study­late­for­exams institution – and rightfully so. After decades of learning to get straight A's and never make a mistake, Draper helped me understand a few things about business and life. It's ok to fail and try again, taking the unconventional route is often faster and more fun and you'll never have all of the answers so embrace uncertainty.” Kevin Longa

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