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Secondary school; basic notions about business and/or practical business experience, some basic knowledge on enterprise architectures, business processes and IT.

About this course

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Do you want to enhance your business model by creating a clear focus or implement your new business model innovation into your IT?

In this business and management course, we will discuss business model agility and how specific business model metrics will help you focus on the overall goals of our business.

You will also learn about advanced tools to help support the bridge between business model thinking and IT implementation.


What you'll learn

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  • How to combine and understand technical opportunities, consumer behaviour and agile Business Model design and Innovation
  • How to use metrics to help you focus your business model
  • Understand the different types of business model metrics
  • How to implement business models in IT, either in a business eco-system or in your own Enterprise Architecture.
Week 1 & 2: Agile solutions IT driven BMs and Agility BM dynamics Week 3 & 4: Metrics KPIs versus metrics BM metrics versus operational metrics Week 5 & 6: BM and Business Processes in networked businesses Value exchanges Information and knowledge sharing Inter-organizational Processes Week 7 & 8: Enterprise Architecture (EA) Introduction Link BM and EA

Meet your instructors

Harry Bouwman
Associate Professor
TU Delft
Mark de Reuver
Associate Professor
TU Delft
Timber Haaker
Senior Researcher
TU Delft

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