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China’s Unique Hybrid Economy

You will learn how to analyze China’s one-of-a-kind economy, what the key characteristics of China’s development model are and how its policy levers – monetary, fiscal and regulatory – work. Financial and business professionals need a sound grasp of the changes reshaping the Chinese economy and its markets. This ensures an understanding of both the investment opportunities and the risks that the country presents. This is the course for you!

This course is CPE/CPD certified.

China’s Unique Hybrid Economy
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About this course

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China’s economy is a unique amalgam of top-down planning and capitalism red in tooth and claw. A state-controlled system that is different to any market economy. This course will help you understand the complexities of China’s distinct development model and the impact it has on global markets.

For financial professionals, policymakers and business professionals around the world, a sound grasp of the changes reshaping the Chinese economy and its markets is key to understanding both the investment opportunities and the risks that the country presents.

Unbiased analysis, real-life examples and practical guidance will equip you with the analytical frameworks and tools to apply to your investment decisions, risk assessments or policymaking. You will learn directly from Enodo Economics’ team of experts, who together have over 250 years of experience focused on China’s economy, its politics and markets and its culture.

We make use of specially shot online teaching videos that are produced to a high professional standard. The material, carefully tailored to the content of each course, includes interviews with relevant figures whose personal stories bring to life the concepts being taught. Imaginative visual aids and animation are designed to enhance the learning experience – and make it fun.

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What you'll learn

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  • What sets China’s “Market Leninist” or “state capitalism” growth model apart from all the others
  • How China has repeatedly defied predictions that its planned economy was doomed to collapse
  • How Beijing keeps a tight grip on state enterprises and how important private firms are
  • How the Chinese Communist Party and central and local governments formulate economic policy and what the role of foreign investment is in China’s industrial sector
  • What risks China faces as it recovers from the coronavirus pandemic and how China is influencing global markets and other countries’ development path

Chapter 1: China’s hybrid economy – a mix of top-down planning and unbridled market forces

Chapter 2: China’s distinct development model – from Deng’s Reform and Opening Up to Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative; from export-led to consumer-led growth

Chapter 3: The urban–rural divide and Xi’s strategy to revitalise the countryside

Chapter 4: “Made in China 2025” and China’s technological ambitions

Chapter 5: Monetary, fiscal and regulatory policies and their impact on markets

Learner testimonials

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Janet L. Yellen : United States Secretary of The Treasury; Chair of the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018

“Understanding the Chinese economy is not for the fainthearted. You have to make sense of the data but also be able to put it in the context of industrial policy, Beijing’s political priorities and so on. I liken it to doing a jigsaw without being able to see the picture on the box. Yet that’s what Diana Choyleva does so well in her regular commentary, which I’ve really enjoyed following, and now with the Enodo Economics program she’s put together for edX. Take the courses and you’ll learn not only how to put the various pieces of the China puzzle together, you’ll get to see the whole picture.”


Orit Gadiesh: Chairman Bain & Co

“China matters. Even more than you realise. If you want to thrive and succeed in business, consulting, investing or policymaking you must really understand China and how it shapes the world. This EdX programme created by Enodo Economics will help you do just that and stay at the top of your game. It’s rare to find unbiased, thoughtful and practical teaching by great communicators, but this is it. An indispensable guide.”

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