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About this course

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What can we do to address the sustainability challenges we face? In this course, you will gain insight into how individuals, organisations and societies approach sustainability challenges in different ways. In various parts of the world different challenges are prioritized and thereby, various approaches and solutions are needed.

You will learn about the considerations needed to make decisions of how to prioritize sustainable development. You will also be introduced to different strategies for changing values, attitudes and behaviours. The course introduces enforcements that are applied to influence individuals within companies and in the society at large, including different incentives and instruments to ensure more sustainable behaviours.

This is the third of three courses about sustainable development from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Each of the three courses can be taken separately and provides knowledge on how to act, think and approach development in society and for the industry that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their needs. In the first course “Exploring Sustainable Development” the concept and history of sustainable development is discussed from a holistic perspective. In the second course “Sustainable Development: Solutions and Trends” we delve further into the current state of the earth and present some solutions, such as Aquaculture, Smart Urban Metabolism and the Sharing Economy, to meet sustainability challenges.

This course is relevant to professionals working in industry, policymakers, or students in engineering.

What you'll learn

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  • identify and prioritize solutions based on different perspectives
  • about how the values, attitudes and behaviours for sustainable development are connected
  • about different environmental management tools
  • how to implement organizational learning, incentives and instruments to change behaviours for sustainable development
  • concepts used in the current sustainability debate

Meet your instructors

Maria Malmström
Associate Professor
Water and Environmental Engineering group at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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