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    15 Weeks
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    1–2 hours per week
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    Self-paced on your time

About this course

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You are interested in the foundations of business? You are thinking about making more out of your research? Then this course might be interesting for you: You will get an introduction to entrepreneurship to learn more about the entrepreneurial mindset and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. After having participated in the first part of this course, the introduction to entrepreneurship, you can select your focus in other fields of entrepreneurship according to your interests. All lectures are exclusively given online so you get to choose the content specilization as well the time and speed of this entire course. You will take an exam about each part of the course that you selected and get 1 ECTS for each part. Exercises and example exams will help you to prepare for the final exam. The flexibility in terms of number of ECTS will allow you to integrate this course easily into your studies. No matter which background you have, you are welcome to join because you can choose your focus in this course depending on your background knowledge. We are looking forward to welcoming you to this course.

What you'll learn

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Detailed knowledge on different fields of entrepreneurship such as Venture Capital, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Upscaling&Growth, Marketing, ...

Meet your instructors

Malte Brettel
Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group and Co-Director of the TIME Research Area
RWTH Aachen University