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Higher Education Teaching Certificate

Refine your teaching practice by embracing reflective skills and updated methods.

Refine your teaching practice by embracing reflective skills and updated methods.

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8 weeks
8–10 hours per week
Starts Jun 7, 2023
Enroll by May 30, 2023
Instructor-led on a course schedule
8 weeks
8–10 hours per week
Starts Jun 7, 2023
Enroll by May 30, 2023
Instructor-led on a course schedule

About this Course

Duration: 8 weeks (excluding orientation)

Engage with effective postsecondary education teaching methods in this online short course, inspired by the in-person seminar program currently offered by Harvard’s Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. The Harvard Bok Higher Education Teaching Certificate gives you the opportunity to reflect on your practices, portfolio, and teaching journey in this field. You’ll be exposed to the most relevant research on how students learn, and discover how to apply this insight in your own teaching context.

Study pedagogical approaches through the lens of the higher education environment, including student engagement and classroom management. Use this opportunity to investigate reflective teaching methods and update your skills by adopting a more conscious, collaborative, and refined approach to your third-level education teaching practice.

No matter what stage you’re at in your academic career, being an effective educator is key to progression and promotion. This online short course is designed for professors, lecturers, researchers, academic staff, or aspiring higher education teachers interested in improving their teaching practice, classroom management, and ability to meaningfully develop the mindsets of their students.

Teaching practice in the higher education field

Teaching practices are evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to embrace reflective skills and update your methods regularly.

This online course is designed to help you refine your teaching practice by providing updated information on teaching methods, as well as opportunities to reflect on your own skills and performance. While you earn your premier certificate in this higher education teaching course, you’ll get the chance to network with other professionals in the field.

Whether you’re new to the field of higher education teaching or looking to refresh your skills, a higher education teaching course can be a valuable asset, with a certificate validating your teaching abilities.

Course curriculum

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Develop your teaching philosophy and portfolio as you work through the weekly modules of this online course.

Orientation module: Welcome to your Online Campus

Module 1: How knowledge is constructed

Module 2: How learning works

Module 3: Building rapport

Module 4: Lesson planning and delivery

Module 5: Engaging students

Module 6: Course and assignment design

Module 7: Using feedback to improve your teaching

Module 8: Teaching portfolio preparation

About the certificate

Refine your teaching practice and earn a premier certificate from Harvard's Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, in association with HarvardX.

Assessment is continuous and based on a series of practical assignments completed online. In order to be issued with a certificate, you’ll need to meet the requirements outlined in the course handbook. The handbook will be made available to you as soon as you begin the course.

Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and sent to you digitally upon successful completion of the program, as per the stipulated requirements.

Some facts about the subject


The expected growth in postsecondary teaching positions in the United States by 2029.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (Sep, 2020).

$4.21 billion

The potential market growth of classroom management systems between 2021–2025.

Technavio (Jan, 2021).

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