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Herat Studies

As it is clear for the people who do research on culture, language and history, Herat has been the center for the people who worked on literature and art for a long time. This city has been the home for many poets and writers, that is why it has a glorious name in all history books. For these reasons, it is important to introduce Herat and its scholars to researchers and those who are interested in this city.

Herat Studies

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About this course

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The situation of Herat during Maulana Jami, scientific, literal, artistic, and architecture of Herat. The common fields of science and arts during Jami’s period. Schools, universities, and monasteries. The big libraries of Herat. Behzad and Herat Art School. Jami and Herat Literal School and the remaining literary works from this period. Flourishing of Herat, religion and Sufism/ the religion sects and Sufism (important religion sects during Jami’s period. Important Sufism sects during Jami’s period). Religious and intellectual contradictions and conflicts. Scientific, literal and artistic individuals during Maulana Jami’s life.

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  • Institution: AfghanX
  • Subject: History
  • Level: Introductory
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  • Language: English
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What you'll learn

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Introducing Herat and its literal and cultural scholars especially during Teimourian Period.

Familiarity with Herat’s history, denomination and its different periods in politics and culture before and after Islam.

b. Familiarity with cultural-literal individuals during Teimourian Period in Herat.

c. Recognizing the academic centers (Schools, universities, libraries, monasteries) during Teimourian Period.

d. Familiarity with the flourishment of poetry, science and culture

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