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更年期综合管理 | Integrated Health Management Strategies for Menopause

本课程提供更年期综合管理方案,包括改善生活方式、合理用药等,并对相关知识进行系统讲解,突出精华和实用性。This course provides a comprehensive management program menopause, including improved lifestyle, rational drug use, etc., and explain the relevant knowledge systems, highlighting the essence and practicality.
更年期综合管理 | Integrated Health Management Strategies for Menopause
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Estimated 4 weeks
1 hours per week
Instructor-led on a course schedule

About this course

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"Menopausal women go through physiological processes. About 50% of women at this time will encounter a variety of discomfort, affecting the quality of work life, and because of repeated, multidisciplinary treatment and increase the burden on family and society; menopause are also a variety of age-related diseases germination period, is to prevent and delay these diseases Progress in the critical period. Introduction and effective exercise, specific measures to reasonable diet, hormone treatment and non-hormone treated; through this course, learners can fully understand that menopause-related knowledge, from the physical, psychological changes, to early prevention, diagnostic criteria related diseases, treatment strategies . Speakers from the obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinology, cardiology, breast surgery, orthopedics, nutrition, pharmacy and other clinical experts from many angles in-depth explanation of menopause-related issues, to provide efficient, comprehensive, concrete solutions to the problems. Walking learners can learn the specific methods of pelvic floor function training exercise, food exchange copies and menopause proper diet plan, specific recommendations scientific medication, hormone laboratory test interpretation, gynecologic cancer prevention and early screening, vaginal microflora analytical results etc., highlighting practical.

This course introduces the Peking University First Hospital's first "integrated management of the 1st menopause clinic" model, by doctors, nurses, nutritionists, clinical pharmacists a team, group therapy and one on one counseling to combine to provide patient as the center of general services, and make full use of medical resources, to provide the necessary specialist referral is recommended for patients. This feature clinic, founded in July 4, 2012, run so far has been widely praised. This course, the most important is to have a healthy middle-aged women caring heart. There are of course good medical background, non-medical people are also welcome, because this course is around improving the health status and settings menopausal women, highlighting the essence and practical features, will promote the health measures implemented in daily life, and to be able to help those who carry out medical menopause related medical services. Each class has a job to evaluate the degree of knowledge to grasp. Require work to achieve an average 60 percent accuracy rate, and at least one statement, party deemed qualified among the entire course of study in the forums, and grant certificates. If the completion of the "flip the classroom," i.e., completion of the Mu Course, Peking University First Hospital, "Integrated Management of the 1st menopause clinic" experience, and forums to speak at least ten times, considered excellent.

At a glance

  • Institution: PekingX
  • Subject: Medicine
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisites:
    Basic medical knowledge
  • Language: 中文
  • Video Transcript: 中文

What you'll learn

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  • 提供更年期综合管理方案
  • 通过改变生活方式和合理用药与应对更年期
  • Comprehensive health management solutions for menopause
  • How to cope with menopause by implementing lifestyle changes

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