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Introducing Six Prominent Scientific and Literary Figures of Afghanistan (10 – 13 centuries)

You will learn about the scientific and literary legends who have a huge contribution in literature and science.

Introducing Six Prominent Scientific and Literary Figures of Afghanistan (10 – 13 centuries)
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About this course

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Historians have considered the war as the most influential phenomenon for the rise and fall of societies. Therefore, historians have paid more attention to the war and warriors through their pens. This style of writing is more evident among Afghanistan’s historians. While, what has been achieved as a result of the war will be lost as a result of revenge. Historical experience has shown that the superior sustainability of the societies and governing systems relate to its scientific and cultural foundations. One of the shortcomings in the presentation of historical events is the lack of attention to the scientific and cultural achievement of Afghanistan.

In this course, we consider to eliminate the monopoly of war from the history of the country through highlighting the scientific and cultural personalities.

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What you'll learn

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  • Help you understand the role of ancient Afghanistan on enrichment of culture and civilization of society

  • Familiarize with ancient scientific and literature personalities of Afghanistan

  • Get to know about the culture and customs of Afghanistan

Section 1 : Life and Scientific Works of Al-Biruni

Al-Biruni’s Life

Al-Biruni’s Place of Birth: Geographical Information

Al-Biruni’s Place of Birth: Sociopolitical Information

Al-Biruni’s Education and Knowledge

Al-Biruni’s Influence on Other Scholars

Al-Biruni’s Works

Al-Biruni’s End of Life

Section 2 : Life and Literary Works of Mawlana (Rumi)

Mawlana’s Life

Mawlana’s Visit with Shams Tabrizi

Mawlana and Shams: 40 Days of Reclusion

Mawlana after Shams Short and Long Vanishing

Mawlana’s Literary Works

Mawlana: A Universal Character

Section 3 : Life and Literary Works of Firdowsi

Firdowsi’s Life

Shahnamah: Book of Kings

The Reason Firdowsi Wrote Shahnamah

Today’s and Yesterday’s View of Firdowsi


Firdowi’s End of Life

Section 4 : Life and Scientific Works of Ibn-Sina (Avincenna)

Ibn-Sina’s Life

Ibn-Sina’s Masterpieces and Works

Ibn-Sina’s Compiled and Published Works

Ibn-Sina’s Trip and Expatriation

Ibn-Sina’s End of Life

Section 5 : Life and Literary Works of Sanai & Rabia Balkhi

Sanai’s Life

Ghaznavian’s Dynasty: Culture & Literature

Sanai’s Works

The Manifestation of Sanai's Ideas in his Works

Rabia Balkhi’s Life

A sample of Rabia Balkhi’s Words and Declamation

The romantic story of Rabia Balkhi and Baktash

Rabia Balkhi’s Death

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