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Basics of Java programming
COMP102.1x + COMP102.2x

About this course

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite mobile applications are developed?

Join us on a gentle journey through the mobile application development landscape, using Android as the platform. Along the way we will learn to use Android Studio, the integrated development environment (IDE) for Android apps. This course is intended for students who have some prior programming experience. The course will introduce you to the basics of the Android platform, Android application components, Activities and their lifecycle, UI design, Multimedia, 2D graphics and networking support in Android.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Android platform and the Android Studio IDE
  • Android components, Activities and their lifecycle, Intents
  • UI Design: Widgets and Layouts, UI Events, Event Listeners
  • 2D graphics: Canvas/Drawing using a view
  • Multimedia: Audio playback and MediaPlayer
  • Network support: AsyncTask, HttpURLConnection

What you'll learn

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  • Describe the basic components of an Android application.
  • Define the lifecycle methods of Android application components.
  • Describe the basics of event handling in Android.
  • Describe the basics of graphics and multimedia support in Android.
  • Demonstrate basic skills of using an integrated development environment (Android Studio) and Android Software Development Kit (SDK) for implementing Android applications.
  • Demonstrate through a simple application the understanding of the basic concepts of Android.
Week 1: The Android Platform: Introduction to the Android platform and the Android Studio IDE, Android components, Activities
Week 2: User Interface Design: Intents, Activity lifecycle, UI Design: Widgets and Layouts, UI Events, Event Listeners
Week 3: Graphics Support in Android: Drawables, Basics of Material Design, 2D graphics: Canvas/Drawing using a view
Week 4: Multimedia in Android: Audio playback and MediaPlayer, SoundPool
Week 5: Networking support: Basics of networking in Android, AsyncTask, HttpURLConnection

Meet your instructors

Jogesh K Muppala
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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Important Notes:
This course will be removed from our course catalog in late November 2019. The course will become obsolete in Mar 2020. For learners who have enrolled in the course, we urge you to complete all the assignments in this course by Mar 2020.