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About this course

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Course videos are presented in Korean with English subtitles.

Physics is considered as one of the most difficult subjects in science. Often, physics lectures are flooded with heavy formulae, including calculus. In this course, efforts have been made to help students feel physics in addition to learning. Using minimal algebra without calculus, most of the key concepts in classical mechanics have been explained. Various real physics demonstrations also help students to grasp physics from everyday experience.

034.005-1x is the first part of “Introductory Physics (034.005)”, which is taught to the first year undergraduate students of Seoul National University. The course covers the basics of Newtonian mechanics including oscillations and wave phenomena. The second part, focusing on fluid dynamics and thermal physics, will be offered in Fall of 2014.

What you'll learn

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  • Key concepts of force, including various forms of force and how friction works
  • Key concepts of motion, including: Newton's three laws of motion, kinematics for the motion of an object (velocity and acceleration), uniform circular motion and its simple applications, oscillatory motion and simple harmonic oscillations
  • Key concepts of waves, including: their properties with a focus on sound waves, interference and diffraction of waves, and stationary waves and resonance