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About this course

This economics and finance course will give you an overview of the Islamic financial system. You will learn the core principles and basic models of Islamic finance and establish a framework for understanding this financial system.

If you are interested in the key features and foundational concepts of the Islamic financial system and institutions, or what distinguishes the Islamic financial system and its institutions from the conventional financial system, this course is for you.

No previous knowledge about Islamic finance is needed, but basic business knowledge is advantageous.

What you'll learn

<li>The core principles of the Islamic financial system.</li>
<li>The various norms and prohibitions that govern activities and contracts in the Islamic financial system.</li>
<li>The differences between the Islamic financial system, and its institutions, and the conventional system.</li>
<li>Some of the basic modes of Islamic finance.</li>

<p><strong>An Overview of the Islamic Financial System</strong></p>

<li>Principles of the Islamic Economic System</li>
<li>The Roles of Financial Institutions (FIs)</li>
<li>The Role of Ethics in the Islamic Financial System</li>
<li>Types of Contracts in Islamic Finance</li>

<p>&nbsp;<br />
<strong>General Principles</strong></p>

<li>The Basic Norms of the Islamic Financial System</li>
<li>Norms Relating to Profit</li>
<li>Norms Relating to Mutual Cooperation</li>

<p>&nbsp;<br />
<strong>A Framework for the Islamic Financial System—Part 1</strong></p>

<li>The Strategic Role of Financial Institutions in Society</li>
<li>Primary Characteristics of the Islamic Financial System</li>
<li>Basic Operations of an Islamic Bank</li>
<li>Two Approaches for Returns in Islamic Banking</li>
<li>Profit/Loss Approach in Islamic Banking</li>
<li>Islamic Investment Banking</li>

<p>&nbsp;<br />
<strong>A Framework for the Islamic Financial System-Part 2</strong></p>

<li>Concept and Conditions of a Bai’ Mu’ajjal (Credit Sale)</li>
<li>Murabaha Sale and Structure</li>
<li>Murabaha to Purchase Orderer</li>

Meet your instructors

Ahmed Iskanderani
Former Director, Islamic Finance Capacity Development
The Islamic Research and Training Institute
Yahya Aleem ur Rehman
Lead Islamic Finance Specialist
The Islamic Research and Training Institute
Khalifa M. Ali Hassanain
Senior Economist
The Islamic Research and Training Institute
Abdullahi Mohamed
Shari’ah (Islamic Law) expert
Azmi Omar
Director General
The Islamic Research and Training Institute
Sami I. Al-Suwailem
Head of Financial Product Development Centre
Islamic Development Bank
Conor Damien Murphy
Former Manager, Corporate Audit Division, Group Internal Audit Department
Islamic Development Bank
Abdul Ghafar Ismail
Former Head of Research Division
Islamic Research and Training Institute
Turkhan Ali Abdul Manap
Senior Economist
Islamic Research and Training Institute

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