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Microsoft Professional Capstone : Entry Level Software Development

Provided by Microsoft

Showcase your skills from the Entry Level Software Development series by designing and developing your own large scale software project

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Before you start

Microsoft Professional Program: Entry Level Software Development

What you will learn

  • Demonstrate your design skills by researching a problem and designing a user focused solution
  • Demonstrate your coding skills by building a software solution of your own design
  • Demonstrate your professional code design skills by creating a well-structured and maintainable code base
  • Module 1 – Design
  • Module 2 – Your First Prototype
  • Module 3 – Polished Prototype
  • Module 4 – Peer Review and Grading


This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program in Entry-Level Software Development.

Once you have completed the Microsoft Entry Level Software Development Professional Program you will have gained important skills, now it’s time to show them off!

In this capstone course, you will follow design thinking principles as you decide what you want to build, use professional prototyping tools to design a user interface then use a technology of your choosing to actually build what you have designed. By the end of this capstone, you’ll have a large-scale project to add to your portfolio to demonstrate all your new skills to future employers.

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