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About this course

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The “Personal growth basics” discipline studying aim is to form a congruous personality, adapted to social interaction in a higher educational institution. Maturity and concordance of personality is determined by an adequate response to external influence, as well as the ability of effective interaction.
Each course theme adapts to the students’ characteristics with hearing disorder and dysopsia:

1. For hearing impaired and deaf students, the lecture material is presented in the form of simple visual diagrams, short sentences. All video lectures are accompanied by subtitles.

2. For visually impaired and blind students, the lecture material and tasks are presented in the form of audio tracks.

What you'll learn

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Apart from video lectures, each section contains three unique headings "Expert Opinion", "Question-Answer" and "Practice". Six experts in the sphere of people with limited health abilities adaptation are chosen for the work on the course: defectologist, clinical psychologist, rehabilitation and adaptive physical culture specialist, disabled people employment specialist, stylist, sign language interpreter. Each expert answered students' pressing questions according to their specialization.

The section "Question-Answer" presents students' opinion on the problems faced by them in the educational process. Psychologists note that students with limited abilities have the feeling that their problems are unique and that others have no such difficulties. Students' participation in the module is aimed at this social barrier overcoming and social identification with other students. The entire nosologies spectrum has been accentuated in selection. Six UrFU students have taken part in the work on the module: handicapped (students with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis and on a wheelchair), with dysopsia (visual impaired and blind), with hearing disorders (hearing impaired and deaf).

The course is aimed at practical skills formation thus special attention is paid to different exercises approbation. Correct tasks fulfillment is clearly demonstrated in the section "Practice". Listener has the opportunity to fulfill the tasks simultaneously with the student in the picture frame. Thus, interactive effect is created.

Sketched screencasts are offered to students after each section. It is a subtype of graphical notes when illustration process goes openly in online mode.

Discipline "Personal growth basics" includes sections:

  1. Adequate self-esteem formation.
  2. Art of self-presentation.
  3. Interpersonal cooperation peculiarities.
  4. Family relationships formation peculiarities.

Meet your instructors

Viktoriya Dikhor
An educational psychologist at Centre for Inclusive Education, Senior Lecturer at Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Youth Policy, Ural Federal University
Ural Federal University
Viktor Koksharov
Rector of Ural Federal University
Ural Federal University
Alena Nevolina
Head of Academic Development Department at Ural Federal University
Ural Federal University

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