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    52 Weeks
  • Effort:
    4–6 hours per week
  • Price:
    $250 USD
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Successful completion of the MicroMaster's Solar Energy Engineering courses.

About this course

In this course you will gain access to two final exams. The first exam covers the content of PV1x and PV2x, and the second exam covers the content of PV3x and PV4x. For each exam you are given two attempts. You will be given exam preparation material to help you prepare.

The exams are offered in the format of proctored exams. To read more about proctored exam and to review the technical requirements, review the edX’s help pages.

What you'll learn

  • Two final exams
  • Two attempts per exam
  • Exam preparation material

Meet your instructors

Arno Smets
Professor, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Delft University of Technology
Miro Zeman
Head of the Electrical Sustainable Energy department
TU Delft
René van Swaaij
Associate Professor, Photovoltaics Material and Devices
TU Delft
Olindo Isabella
Assistant Professor, Photovoltaics Material and Devices
TU Delft
Laura Ramirez
Assistant Professor of Energy Conversion
TU Delft
Pavol Bauer
Full Professor, Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy
TU Delft

The course materials of this course are Copyright Delft University of Technology and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC-BY-NC-SA) 4.0 International License.