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The transition to college can pose a significant challenge even for the most academically gifted student. This highly interactive course is designed to facilitate the successful transition of high school students to Arizona State University.

Students and parents will gain the necessary knowledge and self-advocacy skills to launch a successful college experience at ASU. Topics include applying for college, career exploration, choosing a major, and paying for college. Students are also introduced to what to expect during the first year in college. “Successful Transition to College” is self-paced and provides on-line support to both parents/guardians and students.

What you'll learn

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  • College admission & application
  • College exploration
  • Building a college portfolio
  • Options for funding your college education
  • Scholarship search
  • FAFSA application process
Session 1: Planning & Preparing for College
Students will learn the importance of taking initial steps to begin planning for college.

Session 2: Paying for College
Students will begin to explore and compare colleges and universities by investigating the cost of attendance.
Students will examine options for funding their college education by taking a closer look at scholarships, grants, and other ways that will help students find financial support.

Session 3: Building a College Portfolio
Students will begin by exploring college majors and careers by using the me3 app. me3 helps students choose a meaningful career that helps connect personal interests with possible careers.   This will be followed by a step-by-step process in creating personal statements as well as a résumé. 

Session 4: FAFSA Application Process
Students will learn to navigate through the process of completing a FAFSA application efficiently and in a timely manner. 

Meet your instructors

Lorenzo Chavez
Director of Student and Family Initiatives
Arizona State University