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The Power of Data

'The power of data’ is an interactive introduction to data and why it matters, with a focus on data analytics. In under an hour, you'll discover what data is and how it improves our world, through a series of animations, case studies and tips. You’ll learn that to get the most from your data, you need to go on a journey, gaining insight along the way. This course highlights key factors relating to collecting, sharing, analysing and generating value from data.

The Power of Data
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Estimated 2 weeks
1–5 hours per week
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About this course

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Key course outcomes:

High level overview of the data journey and how it helps you gain information and then knowledge on a specific process, service or piece of equipment.

Gain an appreciation of how businesses get value from finding, sharing and analysing data.

Gain an overview of key terms used within data analytics.

Acquired additional learning pathways to further your learning within the space of data and digital.

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English

What you'll learn

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By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Identify what data is and its potential benefits to Rolls-Royce, our customers and the world, and take a 'first step' on your digital literacy journey.
  • You will also increase awareness of key data analytics and data science terminologies and trends; be able to describe a variety of situations where data can be used to solve problems, both inside and outside of Rolls-Royce; identify that there are restrictions on sharing data; and identify when sharing data may be beneficial to other people within the organisation.

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