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Your contribution supports free education for everyone, everywhere and helps fund financial aid for learners.

Your Donation Changes Lives.

María Barba, Spain

"I’ve learned so much and everything I’m learning can be applied to a future job. It’s also something good to show on my CV.".

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Akshay Kulkarni, India

"All of these edX courses played a huge part in my getting a job at Microsoft."

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Stephanie, USA

"With starting college for the first time at age 32, I wasn’t sure I could do it. But I can."

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What Your Donation Supports

New Courses and Credentials

Help edX develop new in-demand and skill-based courses, programs, and credentials to advance careers and ignite imaginations.

Financial Assistance

Support financial assistance for learners who cannot afford to purchase a verified certificate.


Enable edX to offer more courses in the native languages of our learners.

Learning For All

Enhance course experience and accessibility for learners with disabilities.

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