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AP Computer Science A: Java Programming Loops and Data Structures

AP Computer Science A from Purdue University
AP Computer Science A: Java Programming Loops and Data Structures
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In this computer science course, you will learn the basics of programming in the Java language, and cover topics relevant to the AP Computer Science A course and exam.

This course will cover repetition statements (for, while, do-while and for-each), the array data structure, methods and recursion.

This course is for anyone interested in taking a first-level computer-programming course, particularly those who attend a school that does not provide a similar class.

No previous programming knowledge is needed, although it is recommended that learners be comfortable with the topics addressed in AP Computer Science A: Java Programming.

We are looking forward to helping you explore this exciting new world!

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  • Idioma: English
  • Transcripción de video: English

Lo que aprenderás

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  • Loops
  • Nested loops
  • Arrays and indexing
  • Two-dimensional arrays
  • Array indexing and loops
  • Recursion
  • Call stack

Plan de estudios

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Unit Name or Timeframe: Repetition (2 weeks)

  • Loops (for-loop, while-loop, do-while-loop)
  • Nested loops
  • Fencepost errors
  • Infinite loops
  • IndexOutOfBounds exception

Unit Name or Timeframe: Data Structures (2 weeks)

  • Arrays and indexing
  • Memory management of data structures
  • Homogeneity
  • Array length property
  • Looping though arrays using for and for-each loops
  • Generalization
  • Two-dimensional arrays

Unit Name or Timeframe: Recursion (2 weeks)

  • Recursive functions and induction
  • Exit conditions
  • Call stack

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