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Arts and Culture: Towards a New Management Paradigm

Covering concepts that detail management strategies for professionals in arts and culture enterprises, ‘Arts and Culture: Towards a New Management Paradigm’ is designed to equip learners with a practitioner’s knowledge of management. The course details topics such as economics of culture and heritage, and the global policy landscape for decision making.

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Arts, culture, and heritage have been approached from historical, legal, aesthetic and institutional perspectives. While exposure to these dimensions forms the foundation for education and knowledge in the arts, the task of creating a cadre of professional managers and policy makers who are sensitive to the trends imposed by the new generation of digital technologies and economic instruments remains to be accomplished. It is for this need that this course has been conceived.

The goal of this course is to provide insights on the management dimensions of arts, culture, and heritage for professionals and students who desire to specialize in this domain.

The objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Provide the conceptual essence of arts, culture and heritage.
  • Elaborate on the managerial implications of different schools of ontology and philosophical thought on arts culture and heritage (both Western and Eastern streams)
  • Expose learners to Managerial Economics of Arts and Heritage
  • Provide a perspective on the organisational structures of arts organisations and their management systems.
  • Expose learners to the craft of policy making in the realms of arts and culture.
  • Speculate on the arts organisations of tomorrow.

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Lo que aprenderás

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  • Global landscape of arts, culture and heritage
  • Western and Eastern streams of thought on art and culture, and a functional knowledge of ontological and philosophical schools
  • Managerial Economics of the Arts
  • Arts Management and Organization Structure

Plan de estudios

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Week 0: Welcome to the Course

Week 1 : Art, Culture and Civilization

Week 2 : Policy Landscape: Cultural and Natural Heritage

Week 3 : Foundations of Managing Arts and Culture Enterprises

Week 4 : Managerial Challenges: Finance and Competition

Week 5 : Conclusion: Global Perspectives on Arts and Culture

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