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知识产权法律及实务|Big Data and Intellectual Property Law and Practice


Understand how to use and protect intellectual property as it pertains data analytics and practices in China. Be prepared for the global competition in the knowledge economy era.

知识产权法律及实务|Big Data and Intellectual Property Law and Practice

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This course is intended to provide a set of analytical tools for the students to understand and apply intellectual property legal system. Hot topics and crucial issues of intellectual property protection in China will be discussed from local and global perspectives.

Using case method, this course offers a broad introduction of intellectual property, explores its content and features, provides practical training — teaches how to identify, manage, use and protect intellectual property rights. This course focuses on patent, also introduces trademark, copyright and trade secret. In order to deepen and broaden students’ knowledge and understanding, this course also pays particular attention to cutting-edge issues, such as international intellectual property system, gene patent, patent pool and technical standards, etc.

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  • 知识:中国知识产权体系,包括专利法、商标法、著作权法、反不正当竞争法。
  • 技能:运用知识产权法解决实际问题,如申请专利、分析商标价值、解决知识产权纠纷等。
  • 属性:培养一定的属性,如保护创新、尊重公平竞争、批判性思维等。

  • Knowledge: China’s intellectual property system, including patent law, trademark law, copyright law and anti-unfair competition law.

  • Skills: Using intellectual property law to solve practice problems, e.g. applying patent, analyzing trademark value, solving intellectual property dispute.

  • Attributes: Cultivating certain attributes, e.g. protecting innovation, respecting fair competition, critical thinking.

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