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Contemporary Manuscript Illumination of Herat

This course is designed to equip learners with various methods of creating an illuminated manuscript. Learners will receive opportunities to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge of manuscript illumination, resulting in creating an illuminated manuscript for this course.
Contemporary Manuscript Illumination of Herat
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Manuscript illumination, which has been emerged with abstract and naturalistic features, is considered a national art in Afghanistan. In addition to being used for various purposes, it has been mainly used for decoration of religious, scholarly, and historical manuscripts. 
The content of this course addresses two main objectives: (a) contemporary manuscript illumination of Herat—focusing on principles of Herat Timurid School of Art (b) contemporary manuscript illumination of Herat in accordance to the contemporary manuscript illumination structures and forms of Herat. This is an introductory course to manuscript illuminations. Those who are interested in art can take this course; they are not required to be art majors.
This course will be taught by Professor Ahmad Shoaib Saljoqi, who has designed and decorated hundreds of illuminated manuscripts.

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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 
  • prepare paper background for manuscript illumination; 
  • sketch manuscript illumination patterns;
  • decorate the elements of manuscript illumination for a particular pattern, having various rhythms; 
  • apply gold leaf on papers in manuscript illumination;
  • color papers in manuscript illumination;
  • provoke and accentuate patterns of an illuminated manuscript.

Plan de estudios

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Week 1:
  • Introduction to manuscript illumination
  • History of manuscript illumination.     
  • Characteristics of Herat contemporary manuscript illumination 
  • Required tools and materials for the course

Week 2:
  • Preparing background of a paper for manuscript illumination 
  1. Coloring the paper
  2. Texturing the paper
  3. Burnishing the paper

Week 3:

  • Sketching the elements of manuscript illumination
  1. Paisley design
  2. Petal
  3. Plain line decoration/adding decoration to a stem 
  4. Foliate design 

Week 4:
  • Combining the elements of manuscript illumination
  • Decorating the elements of manuscript illumination
 Week 5:
  • Copying the pattern on the textured paper
  • Applying gold leaf on papers
  • Burnishing the gold leaf with agate stone
Week 6:   
  • Mixing colors and making new colors
  • Coloring the patterns;
  • Provoking and accentuating the patterns.

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Who Is This Course for?
The Contemporary Manuscript Illumination of Herat is for those who are interested in art, specifically in manuscript illumination.

How Can I Apply to This Course?
Registering to the course is very easy for those who are registered to, search for Contemporary Manuscript Illumination of Herat and click on enroll button.

How Much Time Do I Need to Commit to This Online Course?
This course requires 6-8 hours of effort per week.

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