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Financial Analysis of Insurance Companies Professional Certificate Examination

Gain an understanding of the analysis methods needed to assess the financial strength & operating performance of insurance companies in the US.

Financial Analysis of Insurance Companies Professional Certificate Examination

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Ready to earn a professional certificate and stand out in your field?

If you've gained a clear, comprehensive understanding of the courses, your next step is to complete the Financial Analysis of Insurance Companies Professional Certificate Examination from the New York Institute of Finance.

The exam comprises 24 questions, timed at one hour. To qualify for the certificate, learners must receive a grade of at least 70% or higher.

Prerequisite for this exam:

Earn a Verified Certificate in all parts of the Financial Analysis of Insurance Companies program from NYIF:

  • Industry Overview and Analysis of Financial and Regulatory Reporting
  • Insurance Reserving, Risk Management and Analysis of Key Performance and Financial Indicators

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  • Describe major industry trends and challenges
  • Explain the insurance industry's regulatory environment
  • Describe the operating cycle of an insurance company
  • Compare and contrast statutory and U.S. GAAP accounting
  • Describe the impairment tests for invested assets
  • Differentiate between loss reserves, policy reserves, UPR and IBNR reserves
  • Identify the components on an insurer's capital and surplus
  • Describe the nature and purpose of reinsurance
  • Identify the key elements of risk transfer in a reinsurance agreement
  • Conduct ratio analysis to assess an insurer's financial condition and results
  • Explain the methodologies used by rating agencies
  • Describe the key components of the NAIC's risk-based capital (RBC) formula
  • Identify warning signs of an insurer experiencing financial distress
  • Predict how changes in key variables might affect an insurer's financial results
  • Describe how insurance companies manage financial risk
  • Describe the impact of international accounting (IFRS) on the insurance industry
  • Refresh your knowledge of key insurance terms and concepts.

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