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Introduction to air transportation and aviation management

Learn the fundamentals of air transportation and aviation management.

Introduction to air transportation and aviation management

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Aviation is essential for global business as it supports worldwide travelling and cargo transportation. Before COVID-19, the economic benefits generated by the industry across countries showed a growing trend.

This course is aimed to provide learners with a broad understanding of airport services in different phases in terms of design and engineering. Learners will receive basic knowledge of how an airport operates. Key topics include the future perspective of air traffic control, air traffic flow management, airport management, facility planning, airport terminal design for the post-pandemic world and ground services.

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• Identify mandatory airworthiness requirements and roles of civil aviation organisation.

• Have the basic knowledge of how an airport is operating.

• Understand how to review performance and make judgements based on numerical results.

• Apply techniques to optimise the airport operations costs and efficiency.

• Understand the concept of sustainable air traffic management.

Plan de estudios

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Module 1: Air transport and the roles of international associations

• Introduction of aviation system and civil aviation

• Air transport: how does it work?

• The freedoms of the air

• International civil aviation organisation (ICAO), International air transport association (IATA) and their missions

• Civil aviation authority and their responsibilities

Module 2: Airline management

• Types of airlines

• Airline operations and the structure of operation cost

• Airline network, flight route planning and route system

Module 3: Airport facility planning and airport services

• Turn-a-round process and airport services

• Passenger flow and passenger terminal design principles

• Engineering and operational runway capacity

• The new terminal design concept and modernisation plan of airport

• The post-pandemic airport terminal design and the future airports

Module 4: Air traffic control and flight operations

• Air traffic control facilities and their functions

• Flight rules and flight phases

• Flight plan (Verified learners only)

• Avionics and flight management system (Verified learners only)

• Flight simulation demonstration (Verified learners only)

Module 5: The future perspective of sustainable air traffic management

• The Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen)

• Airport collaborative decision-making processing

• Weather forecasting, en-route and surface traffic control

• Sustainable aviation system and mitigation measures

• Aviation contrail

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