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Introduction to Kubernetes

Ofrecido por The Linux Foundation (LinuxFoundationX)
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2–3 horas
por semana, durante 14 semanas

$99 USD para exámenes y tareas con calificación, más un certificado

Want to learn Kubernetes? Get an in-depth primer on this powerful system for managing containerized applications.

Antes de comenzar

Basic knowledge of Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) 
Basic knowledge of container technology like Docker, Rkt is required
Inicio del curso: Jun 6, 2019
Finalización del curso: Oct 6, 2020

Lo que aprenderás

  • The origin, architecture, primary components, and building blocks of Kubernetes
  • How to set up and access a Kubernetes cluster using Minikube
  • Ways to run applications on the deployed Kubernetes environment and access the deployed applications
  • Usefulness of Kubernetes communities and how you can participate.
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • From Monolith to Microservices
  • Container Orchestration
  • Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Architecture - Overview
  • Installing Kubernetes
  • Setting Up a Single Node Kubernetes Cluster Using Minikube
  • Accessing Minikube
  • Kubernetes Building Blocks
  • Services
  • Deploying a Stand-Alone Application
  • Kubernetes Volume Management
  • ConfigMaps and Secrets
  • Ingress
  • Advanced Topics - Overview
  • Kubernetes Community
  • Final Exam

Información general

Is your team beginning to use Kubernetes for container orchestration? Do you need guidelines on how to start transforming your organization with Kubernetes and cloud native patterns? Would you like to simplify software container orchestration and find a way to grow your use of Kubernetes without adding infrastructure complexity? Then this is the course for you!

In this course, we'll discuss some of Kubernetes' basic concepts and talk about the architecture of the system, the problems it solves, and the model that it uses to handle containerized deployments and scaling.

This course offers an introduction to Kubernetes and includes technical instructions on how to deploy a stand-alone and multi-tier application. You’ll learn about ConfigMaps and Secrets, and how to use Ingress.

Upon completion, developers will have a solid understanding of the origin, architecture and building blocks for Kubernetes, and will be able to begin testing the new cloud native pattern to begin the cloud native journey.

Conoce a tus instructores

Chris Pokorni
NQB8 Cloud Tech Consulting
Neependra Khare
Founder and Principal Consultant
CloudYuga Technologies
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