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Sobre este curso

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This course begins with an understanding of money market instruments and how money market products are traded. You will learn about Certificate of Deposits, Commercial Paper, Repurchase Agreements, and Federal Funds. We’ll wrap up this course with an understanding of money-market returns.

Lo que aprenderás

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  • Understand how money market products are traded.
  • Identify the main product categories and pricing conventions within the Money Markets sector.
  • Calculate yields using different day count conventions in order to compare returns between different product categories.

Plan de estudios

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  • LO1: Money-Market Instruments
  • LO2: Certificate of Deposits
  • LO3: Commercial Paper & Repurchase Agreements
  • LO4: Federal Funds & Money-Market Instruments
  • LO5: Money-Market Returns

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Jack Farmer
New York Institute of Finance