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Inventory and Portfolio Management

In this online course you will learn how to correctly store your products through a collaborative inventory management strategy which will allow you to have optimal processes at the time of delivery for your final clients.

Inventory and Portfolio Management

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Inventory is also company money, materialized in supplies towards the elaboration of products in-process, finished and for sale.

Keeping an organized and updated inventory will allow you to save time and resources. Also, knowing that type of product you have available and what state it is in helps in organizing what you already have, so you will not have waste and you will be able to sell as you produce.

Inventory is a hidden treasure for companies. In this online course you will learn to properly manage it and meet your clients’ expectations while optimizing time, money, avoid waste and make the right decisions on your investments.

Portfolio and inventory management is very important, regardless if your organization is a Micro, Small, Medium or Large company.

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What will you learn?

  • Defining key concepts for inventory management and apply them on different company products.
  • Correctly relating different stages of the products and the company in order to adequately manage them into the inventory and reduce costs and time.
  • Identifying the most important points of inventory management to guarantee product visibility along the value network and the logistical process.
  • Getting to know technological tools that facilitate a quick inventory management in order to efficiently meet the client’s requirements.

Plan de estudios

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Module 0: Welcome

  • Inventory and portfolio management

Module 1: Designing a product portfolio

  • What is a product portfolio?
  • Product segmentation
  • Planning product demand

Module 2: Inventory management

  • How to manage inventory?
  • Inventory strategies
  • Calculating policies and inventory curves

Module 3: Collaboration and technology in inventories

  • Collaboration in inventories
  • Vendor Managed Inventory - VMI
  • Collaborative planning, replenishment and forecasting – CPRF
  • Electronic product and data interchange – EDI
  • Product preparation

Module 4: Storage management

  • Managing a storage
  • Layout
  • How to perform Slotting?

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