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Learners should be conversant with power point presentations.

Sobre este curso

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As leaders, have you ever tried making presentations to people and failed to make an impact on them? Were you left disappointed after making a presentation? Then this course is for you. As CEOs, Senior Executives, or Business Unit Leaders, presentations, sure are significant and an inevitable part of your day to day functions. Through such presentations, you not only deliver information but motivate people, and build relationships too.

In this course, you will enjoy learning the nuances of designing and making impactful presentations especially when

* the stakes are high

* you need consensus and agreement

* want to ensure achieving the appropriate and desired outcome

* you want to succeed in dealing with critical and crucial conversations

This course will boost your ability to lead and deliver powerful presentations with maximum impact while keeping your audience interested, rather enthralled!

Lo que aprenderás

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You will Learn:

* the nuances of designing and making impactful presentations especially when

o the stakes are high

o you need consensus and agreement

o want to ensure an appropriate and desired outcome

o you want to succeed in dealing with critical and crucial conversations

* the soft skills of persuasion, motivation, and communication with your audience.

* a bunch of ideas, techniques, and approaches that will help you become an outstanding presenter.

to coach, nurture and support your colleagues too, to present effectively as well.

Plan de estudios

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Module 1 – Introduction

  • ****What is a Presentation?
  • Why do you make Presentations?
  • Kinds of Presentations

Module 2 – Keeping the Audience in Mind

  • Rudiments of Preparation
  • Step by Step Process for Preparation

Module 3 – Designing and Structuring Presentations

  • Key Principles for Structuring
  • Template Design for Presenting

Module 4 – Delivering Powerfully through use of Soft Skills

  • Steps to Creating the Desired Change
  • Influencing, Persuading and Motivating
  • Handling Questions from Audience

Module 5 – Guiding Pathways to Progress

  • Following through for eventual success
  • Enhancing your capability to guide and coach

Conoce a tus instructores

Jeanne Juanit Pereira
Asst. General Manager & Faculty
State Bank of India

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