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Success: Practical Thinking Skills

This award-winning, practical course helps you succeed in work and life. It empowers you with the positive values for a resilient life and equips you with powerful problem-solving skills, demonstrated with the success stories and case studies on how to excel in a job interview and study in higher education. The current version (2.1) contains new materials that show how people/businesses may adopt the creative thinking skills in addressing the new world challenges brought on by COVID-19.

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An Award-Winning MOOC Expanded and Updated

Version 1.0 of this course has scooped praises and received the prestigious prize Top Ten Most Popular MOOCs in November 2017 awarded by the Class Central, USA. Version 2.0 continues to receive acclaims from the authentic global learners in 2019. The section of creative thinking skills has been expanded in the current version 2.1, with a specific case study on how to apply innovative strategies in addressing the challenge posed by COVID-19 that has swept the world in 2020.

Positive Values and Powerful Skills for Your Success

This course consists of three parts and twelve units, with abundant case studies and examples. You will learn that the key to the success of your work and personal life lies in the mastery of positive values and practical thinking skills.

Positive Values from Three Great Masters

In Part A, you will be inspired by the insights of Aristotle, Kant and Mill. Their advices cover the topics of your personal success, pursuit of duty and contribution to social happiness. You will learn from their wisdom how to construct your own positive outlook on life with meaningful purposes and resilience to challenges.

You will consolidate your knowledge through two major case studies in this part, in which you learn how to excel in a job interview and the study in higher education. In addition, to turn your study of the great masters’ ideas to fun, comic episodes are presented for your perusal and reflections.

Powerful Problem-Solving Skills

In Part B, you will study a bundle of effective problem-solving skills and decision-making strategies. They include the five faces of creativity, ten methods of provocative operations and six thinking hats. To be successful in your work and life, these creative thinking skills are proven very powerful and adopted by creative geniuses, innovative managers and corporate businesses around the world.

Success Stories and a Micro-Movie on Life and Death

In Part B, eye-opening success stories of Bruce Lee, Nick Vujicic, Jack Ma and Steve Jobs will heighten your personal motivation to strive for success in work and life. On the other hand, as a major case study, a micro-movie has been filmed for this course, featuring local TV actors. The micro-movie raises the question how to make a life-and-death decision for your family member. Guidance will be provided on how to apply the problem-solving skills in such a life-and-death decision.

Unique Creative Success

Part C is a brief conclusion. It highlights the next step of upgrading your creative problem-solving skills by securing your unique creativity in accordance with personal traits, potentials and talents.

A Timely Course in Thinking through the Challenge Posed by the Pandemic COVID-19

The wide applicability of the practical thinking skills of this course helps you creatively address different sorts of challenges, including the one brought on by the pandemic of COVID-19. Should doctors provide medical treatment only to the selected patients who are more likely to survive because of the shortage of resources? With regard to this type of question, can you spell out your position with proper justification? You will find the discussion of the pros directly in Unit 3 and the cons indirectly in Unit 2. In addition, can you tell how individuals/businesses creatively meet the specific challenge of the pandemic? You will find the creative problem-solving skills expanded and discussed in Unit 6 with a case study specifically devoted to the challenge of COVID-19.

Course Instructor

Currently Interim Director of General education Centre at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Jack Chun has been Chief Examiner for HKEAA and Consultant on Thinking Skills for the HKSAR government, the commercial sectors such as SmarTone-Vodafone and professional groups, including medical doctors, C.E.O.'s and the former Chief Executive of HKSAR government. Dr Chun has also provided consultancy services to universities, including the Cornell-VinUniversity project in 2019. He has taught Creativity and Creative Thinking and Life and Death for over two decades. Apart from the three MOOCs he has developed on edX, he has also created a mobile app on Ethical Thinking adopted by the four Faculties of the university. The publishers of his writings include Oxford University Press, Routledge, McGraw-Hill, Springer and others.


edX Prize 2020 Finalist

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  • Transcripción de video: English

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  • Positive Values for Your Success in Work and Life
  • Effective Problem-Solving Skills and Decision-Making Strategies
  • Success Stories of Innovative Geniuses

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Part1: Positive Values for Success in Work and Life

  • Introduction
  • Aristotle – Personal Success
  • Kant – Pursuit of Duty
  • Mill – Contribution to Social Happiness
  • Case Study: Smart Study in Higher Education
  • Case Study: Success in a Job Interview

Part 2: Practical Thinking Skills

  • Introduction
  • Creative Problem-Solving Skills
    • Five Faces of Creativity
    • Ten Provocative Operations
    • Six Thinking Hats
  • Success Stories
    • Bruce Lee
    • Nick Vujicic
    • Jack Ma
    • Steve Jobs
  • Micro-Move
    • How to make a life-and-death decision for your family member

Part 3: Conclusion

  • What makes your life successful for you?

Testimonios de los estudiantes

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Praises from Authentic Global Learners on 1.0 Version of this Course

  • A well-designed course, and a must-take course of the year!!!
  • It's amazingly well organized and very thought provoking. I appreciate this work and encourage everyone to take a chance to learn from it.
  • As a veteran of over 200 MOOCs I must say it is very well organised and the ebook is a really worthwhile resource not only for this course but as a reference book beyond the course. It is obvious that a lot of work and effort went into producing the MOOC.
  • Great and thought-provoking content inside. Nicely-made!!
  • It is a creative way to address questions raised by the course.
  • This is great stuff!!!
  • The course content is well-chosen
  • Excellent video clips!!!

Praises from Authentic Global Learners on Version 2.0 of this Course

  • It was perfect mix!
  • Realistic view of success!
  • I found Dr. Chun to be excellent!
  • This course was exactly what I needed!!
  • A very well balanced course in total!
  • Very clear, easy to follow and an engaging way of presenting complex matter!
  • This is a great course. I'm really grateful that you guys have made it and I found it!
  • Everything was inspirational and many topics were new learning experience for me!
  • I loved the fact that it included the lives of successful geniuses who practically demonstrated the practical thinking skills for a successful life.
  • As an engineer with limited knowledge of philosophy, I found the course very helpful to get in touch with it and get more interested in it.
  • We need more such course on Edx! I will hope to see more courses from Dr Jack Chun! I will also request you to at least run twice this course in a year. This year I audited the course. I hope to do this course with a verified certificate soon in next offering of this course.
  • This was a very interesting course that has made me to contemplate aspects of my life that require change for me to be successful, as well as giving me an understanding that the acquisition of material wealth will not necessarily equate to a successful life.
  • The learning from this course can be directly applied to the real life. Last night, I was watching a mock interview of an IAS officer (in India IAS is a very prestigious government job) and in the interview, they asked some questions by putting you in the situation. In answering those interview question I felt that the knowledge gained from this course helps a lot. I found an application there to solve those interview questions.
  • The part I like the most in the course was the interview question because there were 3 different good responses possible. I agree with the ideas of Kant in general, but I think in some instances, like the interview question, I will follow other philosopher's ideas.
  • The mix of ancient and modern gave a well-rounded perspective on practical and philosophical approaches to living a successful life. It was interesting to compare and contrast Aristotle, Kant and Mill with the more modern approaches.
  • Live video and interviews with people such as Jack Ma or Bruce Lee are the key. The micro-movie dramatization was effective.
  • I can recall information from the cartoons easier. I enjoy reading thoughts posted by other students.
  • The practical examples (i.e. cartoons on Kant, Aristotle and Mill) were very helpful to get across the points of their ideas.

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