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Principles of Hemp Cultivation

This course provides an in-depth investigation of hemp as an agronomic and horticultural crop.

Principles of Hemp Cultivation

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This course provides an in-depth investigation of hemp as an agronomic and horticultural crop. Agronomic principles pertaining to industrial hemp as a field crop are explored, including the cultivation, management, and harvesting of hemp for fiber and seed production. Growing hemp under controlled environments for flower production will also be discussed. Cultivation practices including irrigation, fertilization, integrated pest management (IPM), air circulation, and light control are examined for optimal crop quality and yield.

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By the end of the course learners will:

  • Differentiate hemp cultivation practices according to primary harvestable product (flower, seed, fiber, etc.)
  • Design a soil and nutrient management plan that includes site selection, necessary soil amendments, and fertilizer use required for optimal hemp production
  • Assess why light, water, and air are important considerations in the growing environment
  • Design a hemp propagation and monitoring plan for indoor or outdoor production
  • Identify common pests (insects, weeds, fungi, disease) combating hemp production
  • Design an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan for hemp cultivation that includes biological, mechanical, cultural, and chemical controls
  • Design a harvesting and storing plan for hemp cultivation
  • Explain how growers can adapt decision making according to changes in infrastructure, consumer demand, legislation, and technology innovations

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