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Knowledge of corporate finance and basic credit analysis

Sobre este curso

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In this course, we’ll review a transaction that the instructor, Jeff, worked on in his professional career. We will discuss international project finance in the context of working with multilateral banks and bilateral banks in an international environment that entails a lot of political and/or currency risk.

This course is part of the New York Institute of Finance’s popular Project Finance and the Public Private Partnership Professional Certificate program.

Lo que aprenderás

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  • Recognize the key political and currency risks in project finance.
  • Identify each step in a hypothetical Greenfield project from conception to financial completion.
  • Recognize the key decision points at each stage in a project timeline.
  • Understand the source and purpose of each item on a lender's term sheet.
  • Recognize the effect of external market factors on the success of the project financing phase.

Plan de estudios

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  • Lesson 1: Nicaragua Canal
  • Lesson 2: Comsigua Case Study - Case Study N
  • Lesson 3: Comsigua Case Study - Case Study O
  • Lesson 4: Wrap Up

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Jeff Hooke
New York Institute of Finance