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Supply Chain Design

On this online course you will learn how to design your value proposition and get to know the actors involved in all strategic, tactical and operational processes of the supply chain through organizational planning tools.

Supply Chain Design

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Competitivity, time saving, and the increase of profit have become the main concern to micro, small and medium companies (SMEs) in Latin America in order to stay current in their markets.

Have you ever wondered how the supply chain is designed? This course will provide all the tools you need to do it successfully.

Even though logistics may seem like a complex process which only applies to large companies, actually micro and small companies use these processes on their day to day operations. They simply need to be organized, acknowledged and articulated to get the most out of them.

With this online course you will learn about basic concepts necessary for the articulation of logistical processes with operational efficiency, through the design and planning of sales, marketing and operations.

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  • Transcripción de video: English

Lo que aprenderás

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  • Identify the basic concepts necessary to formalize a micro and small company and understand planning as a tool for strategic management.
  • Identify the main concepts of logistics as well as the basic processes to articulate it with the processes in your company.
  • Getting to know the actors involved in the operation flow in order to understand their importance in the value network
  • Learn about trends in logistics and in the market and relate them to good practices in your business.

Plan de estudios

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Module 0: Welcome

  • Why does a micro and small company need logistics?

Module 1: The supply chain and its actors

  • Why design a supply chain?
    • What is a supply chain?
    • Flows in the supply chain
    • Actors and logistic activities of the value network
    • Evolution to value network
    • Planning logistical processes

Module 2: Demand management

  • What is demand?
  • Demand forecasting
  • Offer development
  • Demand vs offer
  • Service strategy
  • Variability of demand

Module 3: Sales and operations planning

  • What is sales and operations planning – S&OP?
  • Sales and operations planning structure – S&OP
  • How is sales and operations planning developed – S&OP?
  • Planning forecasting

Module 4: logistics strategy

  • Levels of planning
  • Logistics decisions
  • Goals of logistics management
  • Indicators

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