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Supply Chain Planning and Strategy

Master the supply chain language used throughout the industry and learn the foundational topics required for strategic and tactical planning ​- part of the ISCEA CSCA - Certified Supply Chain Analyst - Internationally Recognized Certificate.

Supply Chain Planning and Strategy

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This course is part of the edX Professional Certificate program Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA), offered by ISCEA. This course prepares you for the ISCEA Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) Exam on edX and is a requirement for becoming ISCEA certified. To become an ISCEA Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA), you must complete all three preparatory courses and successfully pass the CSCA Exam.

Every fortune 500 company relies on their supply chain to keep goods and services flowing into the marketplace, but supply chain processes are only as good as the people who keep them running. Certified supply chain professionals that truly understand the relationship between a company's competitive advantage and its supply chain strategy are getting the best employment opportunities.

This course is designed to introduce foundational supply chain topics that are relevant to make both strategic and tactical decisions. Strategic decisions covered in the course are the ones required to achieve a fit between competitive strategy and supply chain strategy. Tactical decisions covered, are the ones aimed to develop a plan to balance demand with supply.

It all starts with the management of supply chain flows and the linkages between financial and operational measures. Next a supply chain strategy is developed around a competitive strategy considering both efficiency and responsiveness. And finally, the essentials of forecasting are covered in the context of demand management and sales and operations planning - S&OP.

The course is part of the ISCEA CSCA - Certified Supply Chain Analyst - Internationally Recognized Certificate.

ISCEA, the international supply chain education alliance was the first organization on the globe certifying supply chain managers, and it remains the worldwide authoritative resource for Supply Chain career validation with thousands of certificate holders commanding top-tier salaries

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  • The overview of supply chain management - SCM in the global economy including the linkages between operations management and financial results.
  • How a supply chain design is developed based on a competitive business strategy
  • The relationships between global supply chain cross functional and logistic drivers that include information systems, strategic sourcing, inventory management and warehousing.
  • The fundamental Issues of sales and operations planning - S&OP. Demand planning, forecasting, inventory control and supply planning

Plan de estudios

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CSCA01.1 Supply Chain Overview

CSCA01.1.1 Supply chain essentials

  • Supply Chains
  • Flows in a Supply Chain

CSCA01.1.2 Financial performance

  • The Objective of a Supply Chain
  • Financial Measures
  • Linking Financial Measures to Supply Chain Operation Measures
  • Managing the cash flow
  • Cash to cash cycle time

CSCA01.1.3 Strategic fit

  • Competitive strategy and supply chain strategy
  • Framework to attain strategic fit
  • Logistical drivers
  • Cross Functional Drivers
  • Beyond the walls of our own organization

CSCA01.2 Strategy

CSCA01.2.1 Introduction to strategy

  • Competitive strategy
  • Competitive advantage

CSCA01.2.2 Consistency between competitive strategy and functional strategies

  • Typical Functional Strategies
  • Supply chain strategy

CSCA01.2.3 Aligning processes with strategy

  • Push/Pull Processes

CSCA01.3 Framework for discussion

CSCA01.3.1 Sources of costs and revenues

  • Sources of the costs across the supply chain
  • Drivers of supply chain performance

CSCA01.3.2 Logistic decisions

  • Facilities decisions
  • Inventory decisions
  • Transportation decisions

CSCA01.3.3 Cross functional decisions

  • Information decisions
  • Sourcing decisions
  • Pricing decisions

CSCA01.4 Fundamental Issues

CSCA01.4.1 Introduction to Sales and Operations Planning

  • Demand management issues
  • Sales and Operations Planning

CSCA01.4.2 Forecasting

  • Introduction to forecasting
  • Forecasting example - Data inputs
  • Forecasting example - Quantitative models
  • Forecast performance

CSCA01.4.3 Introduction to Supply Management

  • Supply management terms
  • Supply management issues

Testimonios de los estudiantes

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This course is part of the ISCEA CSCA - Certified Supply Chain Analyst - Internationally Recognized Certificate.

"My expectations were met. The content is updated and provides a good perspective on the Supply Chain" - Diana Diaz Porras, Colombina

"It is practical course. I was able to improve both my skills and knowledge. I recommend it!" - Rosa Oritz, General Motors

"I recommend it for both those who need to learn the basics, and those working with these concepts on a daily basis" - Carolina Sánchez Barrantes, Freudenberg Medical

"This certification has provided me with in-depth knowledge about the fundamental issues in supply chain management. It enables better decision making that translate in efficient operations and business transactions" - Muhammad Imran Munawer

"This credential will help you master the concepts and techniques that are required to become a key player in your organization" - Arsal Jawaid

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How will this course get me closer to become an ISCEA Certified Supply Chain Analyst - CSCA?

  • This course is one of 3 courses required to become a CSCA. The completion of the following courses is required to take the CSCA Certification Exam:
    • CSCA01: Supply Chain Planning and Strategy
    • CSCA02: Procurement and Logistics Management
    • CSCA03: Supply Chain Management: Tools and Techniques
  • After completing the three courses you have to pass the Certification Exam to earn the CSCA designation:
    • CSCA-EXAM: Certified Supply Chain Analyst - CSCA - Certification Exam

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