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Sustainability & Major Sport Events: Implementation

Learn the best practices and tools you need to plan and implement a sustainable major sport event.

Sustainability & Major Sport Events: Implementation

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When planning to host a major sport event you must take certain steps to ensure that the event is not only sustainable for the host city or region, but also leaves a lasting legacylong after the event has concluded.

Thefirst course in theSustainability & Major Sport Events Professional Certificate program teaches the five pillars of sustainability and looks at how these pillars should be implemented during the planning and hosting phase. With these pillars as the core principles, this second course provides you with the practical steps to take and tools to use when managing an event, and more specifically when implementing a sustainable major sport event. You are also presented with best practices in terms of strategy, sustainable procurement, and action plans to further enhance your learning.

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  • How to formulate and write a strategy for sustainable major sport events
  • How to write, implement and track the progress of an action plan for sustainable major sport events
  • Reporting on the progress and impact of your sustainable major sport event
  • How to ensure that procurement processes and practices are sustainable
  • Planning for and delivering legacy/ long-term impactof your major sport event
  • How to write, target and deliver an effective communications campaign for your major sport event

Plan de estudios

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Module 1: Sustainable Major Sport Events: Implementation
Module 2:Strategy
Module 3: Action Planning and Implementation
Module 4: Sustainability Reporting
Module 5: Sustainable Procurement
Module 6: Legacy and Development
Module 7: Communications
Module 8: Final Assignment

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