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Unpacking Activism

Become a responsible and self-reflective activist.

Unpacking Activism

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We are currently in a moment of heightened activism, but many of us are unsure of how to act, or shudder at the thought of more people getting involved in a cause without deeply reflecting on what that means. Activist engagement comes with a responsibility to understand the workings of power and the contexts that inform what, how, and why activist endeavors exist in the ways that they do, and who is involved in them and in what capacity. It also requires that we understand how our identities and positions in society influence our actions and how they might be perceived.

This course will help you better understand our current moment and how you might best get involved by considering global and historical contexts for activism, learning skills to make sense of the activism you see, and (re)discovering why and how to act.

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  • Engage with representations of activism in both historically and globally significant ways

  • Contextualize and critically engage with representations of activism

  • Reflect on your own identity and positionalities with relation to various kinds of activism

  • Identify the ways in which you can responsibly take part in activism and be an agent of positive change

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