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Value Co-Creation in Sport Management – A New Logic in a Changing Society

Do you want to become a successful sport management expert? Learn the importance of value co-creation and gather new insights that will make you more competitive in the field of sport management.

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Are you a passionate sports lover interested in exploring a new innovative logic in sport management? Enroll in this online course and:

  • Overview the traditional logic – the logic of sport products – used to analyze sport events
  • Discover an innovative logic in sport management – the logic of value co-creation – and its advantages in practical use
  • Contrast the traditional logic with the value co-creation approach
  • Analyze authentic examples and case studies conducted by international researchers
  • Learn about sport sponsorship, branding, and ticketing
  • Analyze the role of social interactions in sport events, and obtain key management knowledge for a changing society
  • Check your acquired understanding for sport management through interactive exercises

Let’s start your journey of becoming an expert in the field of sport management with this course!

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  • Idioma: English
  • Transcripción de video: English

Lo que aprenderás

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  • The basics and limitations of the logic of sport products (traditional approach)
  • The basics of the logic of value co-creation in sport management
  • Innovative sport management analytical skills for a changing society
  • Different perspectives on sport events
  • The insights in ticketing, sport sponsorship and branding
  • The consideration of sustainability in sport management

Plan de estudios

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A. The Traditional Logic of Sport Products

B. Reasons for a New Logic

C.1 Logic of Value Co-Creation (Part I)

C.2 Logic of Value Co-Creation (Part II)

D. Focus: Sponsoring

E. Co-Created Sustainable Value in a Changing Society

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