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JaverianaX: Gestión ágil de proyectos

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Traditional models and methodologies, such as those proposed for example by the PMI (Project Management Institute), have been and are currently vital and powerful for the effective management of projects, however we cannot ignore the business needs that arise from the perspective and requirements of the new digital economy; This is how complementing conventional practices with others that offer us flexibility and agility makes us expand and consolidate increasingly solid skills to face the challenges presented to us by this new revolution marked by uncertainty and permanent change.

Gestión ágil de proyectos
5 semanas
4–5 horas por semana
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The strategic ability to organize and manage resources, and achieve objectives in times of constant change, is offered by the discipline of project management, but now in a framework of the new digital economy, where more and better tools and knowledge are required. for decision making, this is how agility contributes to keeping organizations current, anticipating changes.

This course, which complements and enriches the introduction to project management, under the context of the new digital economy, provides knowledge, methodologies and tools for the approach and development of high-impact agile projects in organizations, such as entrepreneurship initiatives.

At the end of this course you will be able to manage projects with agile methodologies, in a flexible, autonomous and effective way, contributing to efficiency in time, cost and increased organizational productivity.

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  • Habilidades asociadas:Agile Project Management, Project Management Institute (PMI) Methodology, Planning, Project Management, Agile Projects, Agile Methodology, Decision Making

Lo que aprenderás

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  • Understand the new environment of projects in the digital economy and its challenges.
  • Recognize and appropriate knowledge and practices of agility for effective project management in the digital economy.
  • Generate a vision of agility, from the development and appropriation of skills as an agile coach.

Plan de estudios

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Semana 1: Bussiness agility

- Digital transformation, innovation and agility

- Agile thinking, role and skills of the agile coach

- Evolution and adaptation of projects

Week 2: Agile dynamics

- Manifesto and principles

- Culture and values

Week 3: Agile Application Models

- Lean

- Supplements


Week 4: Scrum introduction

- Aspects and principles

-Organization and team structure

- Phases, processes and artifacts

Este curso es parte delprograma Gestión de proyectos y metodología ágil Professional Certificate

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