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IDBx: Administración pública y fiscal: cómo se gestiona un gobierno

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You will learn how to measure the quality of public and fiscal administration in your country and where it is compared to the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean.

80% of the students surveyed affirm that the course will help them improve their ability to formulate, implement and/or evaluate public policies.

Administración pública y fiscal: cómo se gestiona un gobierno
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How is a government financed and what does it spend money on? How are budgets decided? Are there enough or too many public employees? How is the effectiveness of laws and regulations measured?

In this course you will find information on the practices, performance and results of the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean in matters of public and fiscal administration, useful both for the formulation and evaluation of public policies, as well as for monitoring one's own performance and comparison. with the rest of the countries in the region and the OECD group.

The content is based on the publication Panorama of public administrations: Latin America and the Caribbean 2020 , the result of collaboration between the OECD and the IDB.

This course is "self -paced" so you can register at any time, even if it has been open for a while.

If you opt for the assistant modality, you can complete it for free in 10 weeks from when you register.

If you opt for the verified certificate modality, you can access the course and its evaluations until the closing date, after making a payment of USD 25 . In this way, if you pass, in addition to the verified certificate, you will obtain a digital badge that allows you to transform the way you share your academic and professional achievements, such as, for example, on social networks.

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  • Habilidades asociadas:Public Administration

Lo que aprenderás

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  • How a country's budgets are financed and defined
  • What is the role of government centers
  • How to measure the effectiveness of a country's policies and regulations
  • How human resources are managed in public employment
  • How public procurement works in a country
  • What is open government
  • How can citizens trust that decisions made by government officials are impartial and legitimate.

Plan de estudios

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• Module 1: How is a country financed?

• Module 2: Defining a country's budget

• Module 3: The role of Government Centers

• Module 4: Regulatory policy and governance: ensuring quality standards

• Module 5: Public employment: how many civil servants are there and how are they distributed?

• Module 6: How is talent managed in the public sector?

• Module 7: Public procurement: facilitating business with the State

• Module 8: Open Government: promoting transparency and citizen participation

• Module 9: Integrity in the public sector

• Module 10: Key Government Results

• Module 11: Conclusions: Effects of fiscal policy on equity

Testimonios de los estudiantes

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Byron, civil servant, Guatemala: “The course helped me consolidate proposals for unifying efforts between public offices for better service to the beneficiary population of the municipality of Nebaj. “It contributed to a new model to implement results-based actions and transform it into a leading administration for municipal development.”

Miguel Ángel, private sector, Mexico: “Thanks to the course I learned to identify local development opportunities with global impact through the generation of alliances between companies, public institutions, research centers, financial institutions and development agents, to promote rural development sustainable in the regions of the State of Jalisco".

You can find more testimonials on our map .

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What does ASSISTANT MODE mean?

Access to the course in the assistant mode is free and you can take it for 10 weeks from the day you register.


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