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JaverianaX: Adobe Illustrator: aprende a crear presentaciones de impacto

You will have agile tools to design creative and impactful presentations, layout and visual resources will enhance the ideas you want to convey.

Adobe Illustrator: aprende a crear presentaciones de impacto
5 semanas
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This introductory Adobe Illustratorte course will provide design and presentation concepts in general that will allow you to have more graphic arguments for your presentations and that offer a visual impact.
Starting from the Adobe suite and in particular with Illustrator, you will learn resources to be clearer in the language and message to be delivered.

This design course will introduce you to the Adobe Illustrator vector design program, getting to know the environment and the elements that are in this program. The use of the different tools that the application has will be explained, as well as how to work with the design palettes.

In this MOOC, simple paths will be created in the Adobe Illustrator design program: free-form paths, lines and basic shapes (rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars,...). Also, the way to select and modify in a simple way the objects that exist in the documents (move them, rotate them or change their size) will be described, as well as various tools to help drawing (rulers, grid and guides). This online course will help you create effective presentations with which you deliver the right message and impact your target audience.

This course is introductory, you do not need special skills or prior knowledge, in a very practical way you will be able to apply the knowledge of the course to your activities.

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Lo que aprenderás

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  • You will learn basic concepts applicable to Adobe Illustrator for your work.
  • You will know the basic interface of Adobe Illustrator vectorizing tools
  • We will work on effective communication and graphic language
  • We will do digital image retouching with Adobe Photoshop
  • To complement your communication skills with creative presentations
  • How to complement your communication skills with impactful presentations using Adobe Illustrator

Plan de estudios

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Week 1. Work environment and basic tools.

You will be introduced to the Adobe Illustrator vector design program, getting to know its environment and elements in it. The use of the different tools that the application has will be explained, as well as how to work with the palettes.

Week 2. Drawing and editing tools.

The use of the Pen tools to create paths will be described, as well as the modification and adjustment of these paths by modifying the different points that compose them, their direction lines or through other tools and options (round, delete, perspective, simplify and divide or split paths).

Week 3. Color tools, object transformation and organization.

Concepts of model and color mode will be introduced, analyzing the different ways that exist to add color to objects including gradients and patterns, as well as creating color palettes.

The different basic tools and commands for transformation, copying and moving objects, resizing, turning or rotating, distortion and reflection will be described. Finally, we will describe how to align or distribute various objects in a document.

It will teach how to combine objects to obtain objects from existing ones, how objects can be grouped and what this feature is used for and how to work with layers.

Week 4. Importing images and layout concepts.

They will learn the different ways in which we can insert images of this type, what options Illustrator allows when working with these images, creating vector images from them and applying filters and effects on them.

We will emphasize basic digital image retouching and bitmap management in Adobe Photoshop.

Este curso es parte del programa Herramientas de presentación: Power Point, Photoshop e Illustrator Professional Certificate

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