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Learn about AP courses with online classes and programs

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level courses that learners can take to earn college credit. AP courses are offered in a range of subjects, from math to English literature. Learn about AP courses with online classes delivered through edX.

What are AP courses?

AP courses are college-level courses that are designed to give learners a head start on their college education. They are typically offered at the junior or senior level of high school. These courses are rigorous, but they also offer the opportunity for learners to potentially earn college credit by scoring well on AP exams. The College Board offers AP courses in more than 30 subjects including physics, calculus, and Spanish, although the specific courses that are available will depend on the school. 

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AP courses and curriculum

Each AP course focuses on a particular subject area, such as English literature, calculus, biology, history, psychology, computer science, and more. Learners gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject, including key concepts, theories, methodologies, historical context, or specific skill sets related to the discipline.

These courses emphasize the development of critical thinking skills, including analysis, evaluation, problem-solving, and logical reasoning. Learners are encouraged to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and are expected to conduct research, analyze data, and write comprehensive essays or research papers. They will also learn how to manage their time effectively, set priorities, and develop efficient study habits to handle the coursework and prepare for exams.

Why take an AP course?

AP courses can be valuable for learners who want to attend a higher education institution in order to land a job. These courses offer: 

  • The opportunity to earn your degree on an accelerated timeline. Receiving credit for an AP course can save you time and money in college. 

  • A rigorous curriculum that prepares you for college-level work. AP courses cover the same material as introductory college courses, so they can help prepare you for the more intensive instruction you may receive at an institution.

  • A chance to demonstrate your academic ability to college admissions officers. AP courses can show colleges that you are a capable and motivated student.

If you are considering pursuing a bachelor’s degree, learn how AP courses can set you up for success. And discover the role that edX can play in furthering your educational pursuits. From accelerated boot camps to comprehensive programs that enable you to earn a master’s degree, edX offers a variety of learning opportunities that can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.