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State Bank of India: Relationship Marketing Strategy for Financial Services

Comprehend the key principles of relationship marketing for financial services. Learn to create, practice and sustain excellent relationship with clients.

6 weeks
1–3 hours per week
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About this course

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Marketing now is less about the Product or Service and more about the value it creates for the Customers. Ergo, it is imperative for Financial Services’ professionals to move from transaction management to relationship management and create meaningful relationships with the sole objective of enhancing customer value.

Relationship marketing is a long-term marketing strategy, for building personalized relationships with customers. The aim is to achieve customer loyalty and trust by providing an improved financial experience based on a complete understanding of the customer.

This course deals with creating and nurturing relationship marketing strategies in the financial services industry, to foster enhanced customer engagement and add more value to the relationship. The course aims to create a mindset of an “open and nurturing relationship”.

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills: Relationship Management, Business Transaction Management, Loyalty Programs, Customer Engagement, Financial Services, Relationship Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Strategies

What you'll learn

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The meaning and significance of Relationship Marketing

Adding value to the relationship through Customer Journey, Moments of Truth & Customer Value Proposition

Creating and leveraging a positive relationship

Effective Relationship Marketing Strategy for achieving the desired Customer Lifetime Value

Why do Customers leave? Managing the negative relationship

Significance of Loyalty & Trust for a sustainable customer relationship

Rekindling the lost relationship and implementing a Customer Reactivation Strategy

Best Practices in Relationship Marketing

Service Excellence via Relationship Marketing

Week 1: “Relationship Marketing – The Realm & the Fundamentals”

Week 2: “The Principle of Positive Relationship & Relationship Management Process”

Week 3: “Managing Customer Defection. Implementing a Customer Reactivation Strategy to rekindle lost relationship”

Week 4: “Customer Loyalty Stages & Loyalty Action Plan. Becoming a Loyalty Leader – A profitable aspect of Relationship Marketing”

Week 5: “Creating a Customer-Centric Relationship Blueprint. Building and managing Customer Relationships”

Week 6: “Relationship Management Best Practices. Achieving Service Excellence via Relationship Marketing”

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